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How To Find Best Tags For YouTube Video: Google’s owned Youtube is the world’s largest online video streaming platform with over 1 billion users. Youtube was founded on February 14, 2005, by Jawed Karim later on Google bought Youtube in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion.

Now youtube is the biggest video platform, Every second tons of people are watching and uploading videos on it.

Youtube is a very popular career option nowadays among youngsters. If you are also a content creator on youtube and want to make a career on youtube, You can learn much more in depth with this post.

If you are also struggling with views, and wondering why your videos are not getting views, This post can really help you with it.

What are the tags on Youtube:

How To Find Best Tags For YouTube Video - UnfakeTricks

Tags are the most important but as well as an underrated feature of youtube, Many people ignore it, But Tags are the best way to get more views on your video.

Tags are the most important part of youtube algorithm, Tags can help youtube algorithm to find what is your video about, So let’s get into the post How you can find best tags for your youtube video to get more views.

Best Tool For Finding Youtube Tags:

So today we are talking about the tool called “RapidTags“, RapidTags is the best tool all over the internet to find the best youtube tags for your videos.

How To Find Best Tags For YouTube Video - UnfakeTricks

Features Of RapidTags:

RapidTags comes with a lot of features, One of its best feature is “Tags Generator“, With this you can enter your keyword of title in the upper bar and it will generate the most relevant and useful tags for your video, After that you can just copy all tags for bottom option or you can select one by one.

How To Find Best Tags For YouTube Video - UnfakeTricks

RapidTags also comes with lot more feature, which is listed below.

  • Tags Analyzer: With this feature, you can check the most viewed and commented video and it’ll tell you how many views, likes, comment you need if you want to rank your video on a particular tag.
  • Search Ranker: You can put your video link in the Search Ranker section and it will tell you what is the position of your video in search ranking
  • RemonetizerIt will tell you which keywords or tags can impact your video to get monetized.


If you are struggling with youtube views this tool can help you, You can search unlimited times it has no limits, If you are uploading a video on youtube make sure you check this tool it will give you the best Tags suggestions.

Hope you will like this post and if you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.




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